Trinity Ents: Humans of the Sesh

Wakey wakey you fresh tings! Christmas is dead, the tree is in the compost (we hope!!!) and academia looms once again like a terrible knocking at the door on a cold and misty night. Yet fear not, Trinity Ents have arisen from our cheeky lil’ power nap to bring you into Hilary term the only way we know how.

To make sure the tunes are as banging as the speakers in your mate Darren’s 99′ modded Honda we’ve enlisted the help of “Humans of the Sesh”, ~ the inner monologue of a generation.
These guys aren’t only one of the best social media pages around but also some of the best Dj’s, yep lads it’s a triple threat, buckle👏🏻Up😫.

Expect to hear some of the best classic club anthems all night long as they bring you on a journey into the wonderful world of meme-culture orientated ironic hedonism.

Humans of the Sesh have played in shows all over Ireland at festivals such as Knockenstocken, and have toured internationally across the U.K and Europe. In other words, they done gone made it.

So tell your group chat, tell your mates and don’t forget to SNAP up these early birds before they’re gone because lord knows the winds are changing and this opportunity is flickering like a candle in the wind.

Who knows maybe they’ll even feature you on the pAgE?!🤣 



Opium 26 Wexford St
Dublin 2
Co. Dublin
D02 HX93