PirENTS of the Caribbean: Session of the Black Pearl

Welcome Aboard young laddos and lassies! Now before we sail to warmer climes and finer sands let me tell ye that there be a Strict Pirate Code that all buccaneers must follow no matter the costs or may Calypso have mercy on your soul!

The Seven Tenets of The Session Seas:

1: On the 11th night of October when the moonlight bounces on the Caribbean sea and our true form doth show we shall be sailing to the Bay of Camden to sink Rum in our Opium Rooms till dawn breaks.

2: All tickets do be €5 when bought on the magic interwebbin’ cloud ship.

3: €7 if you DRESS UP like my crew mates or my favourite wench, but NOT my dear Mother Cpt.Yeast!

4: And if ye chance your fortune at the entrance to our Opium Dens the Price is a bag of her Majesty’s finest ten golden coins (€10).

5: The cursed prize of a Jack Sparrow Mask will be awarded to the 200 speediest of sailors who arrive first to our Opium Rooms.

6: In preparation for this night we have enlisted the Voodoo charms of an Island Witch known only as “High-Spec Audio Visual Displays & Lighting”, feaarrrrr her name!

…Our list of rules do now be over….I never learned to count and more the fool you if you be thinkin’ there are only 7 seas! There’s at least 9!

Whether ye have the Bastard charms of Orlando Bloom or cheekbones straight from Keira Knightly’s frowney face make sure that you live by this charter!

P(irate).S(cript) – If you find my jawbone please return and I’ll spare your family the pointy end of my cutlass.


Opium 26 Wexford St
Dublin 2
Co. Dublin
D02 HX93